A quick quote from (Moore? Noyce?):

The students with long hair and bears who wre wrecking the schools aren't the revolutionaries - we are.

True. Sometimes (especially in politics) it is the old guard who yell the loudest that they are the revolutionaries while the real innovators are quietly innovating.

Anyway, wanted to get some thoughts from myself about energy and what role it plays in management. Obviously Sam Walton had tons of it, also Welch though not in the same way. Founders of Nintendo did not seem to have it in an outward way (names? particularly thinking of top guy about Arakawa who played go).

Also know that energy is often infectious. Salesman’s slogan that “if you get excited, they’ll get excited”.

Enrico very energetic - toward advertising in an advertising business. Walton toward people / costs in a people / costs (customer-service retail) company.

What defines a customer-service industry vs a technology industry (or company?) Is it still useful with this writing to be reading corporate biographies or should I be reading case studies or something else? Talk to managers down the line? What questions would I ask?