[caption id="attachment_635" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The completed dish."][/caption]

On the morning I planned to cook this meal, I got distracted by something else, and didn’t have enough time left before dinner to finish (3-course meals typically take me all day). So I decided to come up with something simpler for dinner that night.

I made this chicken with asparagus, together with this recipe for carrot and parsnip “coins”. Very healthy, and relatively easy to make now that I understand exactly what to do. I’ve also always wanted to cook parsnips. I would describe them as tasting like sweet carrots.

One problem I ran into is that parsnips and carrots aren’t exactly the same shape (parsnips have a much thicker top), so I had to get rid of a few pieces that would have taken much longer to cook than the rest of the carrot and parsnip slices. In retrospect this probably wasn’t necessary.

Also, I should note that the recipe is totally unrealistic about the amount of space chicken cutlets and asparagus take up on baking trays - this is a 3-tray meal for sure.